About Us

Sovereign Systems, LLC focuses on data literacy, database administration, and custom software development for clients across the United States.

Sovereign Systems, LLC was founded in 2016 based on the core values of integrity, quality, and serving the client’s best interest. We have experience in a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, service, non-profit, and transportation. We understand the custom software and databases can be expensive, risky, and frustrating. Before we start any project, we work with the customer to make sure we have a thorough understanding of the business problem that is being solved. We work with the customer to understand any compliance rules they need to follow so we can be sure that the software we build meets those rules. Throughout the software development process, and after the software has been delivered, we communicate. We strive to reduce the risk and frustration associated with custom software.

We partner with Managed Service Providers and IT companies to augment their offerings with expert database administration, process automation and software development skills. If your company provides IT services and your customers are asking for services you do not provide, we want to talk to you. We provide professional services in a way that satisfies clients and makes your company look good. We can either provide services as a referral partner, where we contract directly with the MSP’s client to provide certain services that the MSP does not provide. Alternatively, our services can be white-labeled as an extension of the MSP. We can also customize our services to fit with the way our partners do business. For example, we can utilize our partner’s helpdesk systems in order to provide more seamless service to their clients. We help MSPs provide more of a one-stop-shopping experience for their clients.