SQL Server Training for Software Developers

Most software developers know how to write great software, but few understand database performance, which is a common cause of system slowness or downtime.  We provide classes and services specifically geared to teaching software developers what they need to know about database performance.  Our classes are taught by software developers who understand the software development process.  

We also perform performance diagnostic services to identify the problem areas in slow database systems.  Then we work with the software developers to resolve the performance issues.

Some of the software developer-specific classes we offer include:

  • Understanding query plans
  • Query and stored procedure parameters
  • Service broker
  • Advanced query techniques
  • Identifying and resolving database performance issues
  • Common database mistakes and how to avoid them
  • SARG-ability


Classes are available online or in person.  Online classes can be purchased al-a-carte or are included in a monthly membership.  Memberships are available individually, and group membership can be purchased for a team of developers.

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